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BEST OF MADEIRA is a company based in Madeira Island, Portugal. Our goal is to provide the best vacation ever to our clients, one that they will always remember with a smile and innovate by our dedication to the client in all the experiences.
On Madeira Island there are some unique and magical places that we want you to discover, see and feel for yourself.
Throughout our lives there are some places that make a difference, and Madeira is certainly one of them. We want you to get to know the island as we know it, to walk along our unique Levadas and Trails, through lush forest, passing by beautiful waterfalls.
Let our experienced drivers take you to dream locations where you can take pictures worthy of posting online.
The various activities that we promote allow you to enjoy the best experiences, so that on your departure day, you are already planning when you will return to Madeira and what you will do in that next visit.
And back home, share with your friends and family your unforgettable experience, because the best memories in life, are those that we share with the ones we love the most…
Come and see the Best of Madeira with us!



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breathtaking landscapes...